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Worldwide, fires are the 4th leading cause of accidental death.
In the US alone fires take more than 3,000 lives per year.
In the western industrialized world the figures are estimated to be about 10 times that.
14% of infant deaths in the western industrialized world are due to fire.
The scale of accidents and deaths caused by fire in developing countries may be even more.
The number of humans injured by fire greatly exceeds the number of deaths.

Primarily, it is the toxic smoke released by fires that kills or causes harm by attacking the respiratory systems of humans.
The heat is very painful and can cause severe human injuries for the rest of a victim's life.
The cost to society is enormous.

Today, fire/flame retardants are frequently applied on commercial products primarily aimed for the business markets in North America, Europe and Australia.
Most of the commercial application products aimed for the business markets are manufactured in Asia-Pacific.

As mentioned earlier most of these fire retardants are extremely deleterious to the lives and health of both present and future generations of humans.

Bio-Eco® and MHE®, both are the prime safe alternatives to the harmful chemical fire/flame retardants/suppressants that are found in most consumer products - synthetic, as well as natural fibre materials.

The recycling of waste material of the plant kingdom makes the Bio-Eco® products most price competitive in bulk volumes (MT).

Even MHE® products in bulk volumes (MT) are price competitive, in respect of the Chinese market concerning fire/flame retardant/suppressant products.