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Bio-Eco® products are modified special cellulose, developed by recycling of waste materials of the plant kingdom.
Instead of burning the waste materials of the plant kingdom, the recycling reduces the CO2 (carbon dioxide) impact on the environment.
There are many product applications available concerning Bio-Eco® products of which car cleaning and surface protection top coating layer, together with detergent applications are all complete outstanding.

Above you see 5 bottles with tulips. From left to right the liquids contain the following 1) cellulose with oil; 2) cellulose with grease; 3) cellulose with oil & grease; 4) pure cellulose; 5) pure water.
It's obvious that the cellulose bind oil and grease. Due to that cellulose protect the tulips from being poisoned and shorten its lifetime.

Since cellulose does not dissolve in water, makes it useful as a surface protection top coating layer. Applied as a surface protection top coating layer on concrete, strongly reduce the risk that frozen water bursting concrete.
Treatment of natural fibre materials to withstand fire attacks, but also mould, fungus and rot, are other product applications of highest market interest.

MHE® represent another complete outstanding family of cost-effective, toxic-free, eco-friendly and in nature biodegradable fire/flame retardant products, developed on low carbon sustainability innovation technology.

Patents have been granted throughout the world.

Most fire/flame retardants/suppressants in use today contain many harmful chemicals that migrate the treated host material, polluting the environment - ground water and soil.
Upon combustion these harmful chemicals release toxic gases that might kill or cause severe respiratory injuries to humans. These chemicals will frequently have a negative impact on human genes, which will affect future generations.

This is NOT the case with "MHE®" which family of fire retardants /fire supressants/ only contain food grade chemicals (in approved quantities and concentrations) of a type found in daily foodstuffs, e.g., grapes, fruit and bread.
The products are developed by chemical reactions between weak organic acids and in-organic alkali hydroxides - organic salt with adjustable pH - which have been consumed by humans during thousands of years, without any negative impact on health or environment.