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Trulstech is proud and pleased to have had a long-term co-operation established with some of the world΄s leading academic organizations, universities, R&D institute and chemical contract manufacturers(see below).

The co-operation has put Trulstech products in a cutting-edge market position developing cost-effective, high-tech innovation products for serial production by material manufacturing industries on most continents.
It has made a close business relation with a broad spectrum of international business corporations over the years.

Today, Trulstech is represented globally by companies in Australia, Europe and North America. Together, they offer 24 hours office time service, globally.

By Trulstech international network of collaborators, it is possible to assist with advanced technical support during office time whenever it requests.

Personal relations between the academic world and material manufacturing industries and laboratory institutes are essential for a cost-effective product development.
It put focus on the importance of good communications, based on a great engagement to sort out every issue that pops-up during the product development. It is absolutely necessary to achieve expected result and market progress in mission to establish cost-effective innovative high-tech products of today.

Ref to MHE® flame retardant product development Trulstech had never been able to make the product development without the excellent engagement and support from numbers of people in the academic world and by R&D institutes and contract manufacturers in Australia, Europe and North America.


• KTH – The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden,
• The Swedish Institute for Surface Chemistry
• Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm Medical University
• Eurenco Bofors (former Alfred Nobel Chemical Industry)
• The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
• The Swedish Chemicals Inspectorate
• Ian Wark Research Institute, Adelaide, South Australia,
• Princeton Polymer Laboratories,New Jersey, USA,
• Hosokawa Micron B.V.
• Hosokawa Micron Powders GmbH
• ANC Powder Makers Pty Ltd - Micropowders Ltd -
• CB Contract Chemicals