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The global Fire/Flame Retardant/Suppressant (FR) market business represents $ 6-7 billion USD per annum, with a market growth of 6.9% annually(2016).
80% ($ 4.8-5.6 billion USD) of the FR business market is outside Europe.
48% ($ 2.9-3.4 billion USD) of the global FR business market belongs to Asia-Pacific.

In China alone 850,000 metric tons (MT) per annum of FR are applied on consumer products.
China corresponds to c. 40% ($ 2.4-2.8 USD) of the FR business market in Asia-Pacific.
These figures are based on the current average market bulk price in China.(2016).
For example, the most frequently used flame retardant in China is Antimony.
The Antimony bulk price in China (Q3/2016) was $ 13,000 USD per metric tons (MT) (reported by Roskill Sept 2016).