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Chapter 8


Residential and Property

How safe is your home?
Protecting your family and home against fire is not a question of choice. It is a question of life.
Both MHE® and Bio-Eco products offer a full line of natural non-toxic and eco-friendly, in nature biodegradable chemical flame retardant products, all based on bio mimicry technology, MHE® only consisting of food grade chemicals like you find in the daily food stuff.
Bio-Eco products - modified cellulose - recycled wasteplant material from the forest - absolutely non-toxic, eco-friendly, in nature biodegradable developed for impregnation of natural fibre materials, to withstand fire attacks and/or black mould, algae, fungus and rot attacks.
Both harmless flame retardant alternatives, developed for different material treatments, saving life and property.
Please, kindly ask for non-toxic products next time you are shopping.
Read all product information and convince yourself that the products you purchase for home are free from harmful chemicals.

Both MHE® and Bio-Eco products represent a product revolution - a paradigm shift - regarding fire resistant flame retardant product designs.

Both prophylactic and active fire fighting concern extinguishing and cooling.
It put demands on a broad spectrum of know-how in science - Physics, Chemistry, Biology - in respect of engineering to get a successful treatment.

Both MHE® and Bio-Eco might become a new benchmark standard regarding fire resistant flame retardant products - meeting requested fire safety standards by excellent flame retardant functionality, low weight load (wt%), Bio-Eco products are easy to apply on natural fibre materials.
MHE® products are easy to integrate into most synthetic materials, being cost-efficient, only consisting of approved food grade chemicals regarding quantity and concentration, being naturally non-toxic and eco-friendly, in nature biodegradable.

Both Bio-Eco and MHE® guarantee superior protection performance in combination with a guarantee to be safe, that fire protection will not be a risk of intoxication or other harmful impact on the environment, saving lives and properties.

FEEL SAFE - ask for Bio-Eco (natural fibre materials) respectively MHE® (synthetic materials) treated products, to be a part of your home and property to ensure full fire protection.