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Chapter 7

FLAME RETARDANTS - (statistic data of year 2016)

Fire and burns are the 3rd leading cause of accidental death in USA with more than 3,000 lives per year.
In the Western Industrialized world the figures are estimated to be about 10 times that.
14% of infant deaths in the Western Industrialized world are due to fire.
The scale of accidents and deaths caused by fire in developing countries may be even greater.

The commonly-used halogen chemicals, like bromine and chlorine compounds in flame-retardants, are toxic and cause substantial harm to humans and the environment. It is the same with the frequently used organic phosphorous esters.
Recently, even the frequently used boron compounds were put on the UN (United Nation) list of chemicals to get rid of.

Traces of toxic flame retardants can be found in human breast milk, fish and whales. Research shows dramatically increasing concentrations of bromine compounds through bio accumulation causing permanent damage to learning and movement abilities in children.
Scientists have proved that Borates have a direct negative impact on the human fertility.

According to current growth rates, concentrations of toxic flame retardants in humans will double every 2-5 years. This means that concentrations found in human tissues will increase 100-fold or more by year 2030!